Private classes

Private Pottery Classes:

If you’re interested in ceramics and can’t commit to our 10 week session classes, or you’d like to book a private group class for you and your friends, family, or co-workers, we can accommodate you. Private classes are perfect for office team-building exercises, birthday parties, anniversaries, Mother’s Day gifts, other events, etc. Private classes can be customized to your needs based on the rates below.

To book a private class please contact Lukus at 1-(514) 439-5752, or e-mail

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, all prices in the chart below are subject to an increase of $5 per person.

According to the CNESST inspector regarding COVID-19, everyone in the studio must wear a mask and eyewear (your glasses, safety goggles, or a face sheild) as a result, we will enforce this as a requirement to be in the studio.

Rates are as follows: (taxes not included)

2 person = 3 hrs $220

3 person = 2 hrs $230, 3 hrs $290

4 person = 2 hrs $290, 3 hrs $350

5 person = 2 hrs $340, 3 hrs $410

6 person = 2 hrs $390, 3 hrs $470

7 person = 2 hrs $440, 3 hrs $530

8 person = 2 hrs $490, 3 hrs $590

9 person = 2 hrs $540, 3 hrs $650

Details on Private Classes

Classes are open to all ages, however, those under the age of majority must be accompanied by a participating adult.

We can welcome up to 9 people for wheel throwing, and up to 4 for handbuilding/sculpture.

Private Classes can be booked to accommodate you for up to 3 hours outside the period allocated for session classes.

Fees include the clay, tools, and firings with your choice of glaze. You will be contacted within 4-6 from your class to book a time to pick up your finished pieces.

You’ll get clay on you, so wear something comfortable that you won’t mind getting clay on. Clay washes out easily without stains. You will be responsible to bring a hand towel to dry your hands.