Monthly memberships are $160 (plus tax =$182) for 20hrs per month.  

Once the 20h is finished, members can purchase an additional 10 hours of studio time for $60 +tax ($69 total)

Memberships begin at the beginning of the month. Members who are already signed up have priority for the upcoming month.

Clay, glazes and firing are not included.

Some detailed information:

1. You will need to buy clay from the studio. Clay costs extra. $72 per box (20kg). $36 per bag (10kg). $18 for half a bag (5kg) taxes included. (use the studio clay PSH909 porcelain)

2. Firing cost is available on our website.

3. Glaze cost is approx. 50 cents per piece depending on size.

4. Any glazing time in the studio will be taken from your studio hours. Or could be after you finish membership at the cost described on the firing services page.

5. Unused hours don’t carry over to the next month.

6. You start cleaning up 15 minutes in advance of leaving time. Studio must be left in a reasonable state. You can ask us to check before you leave.

7. Water buckets are your own responsibility. If using a Wheel, fill your own for your use, and when finished cleaning, you fill it back up and place it by the wheel.

8. Mentorship is not included in the price but it’s at our discretion. Mentorship will depend on our personal time management. (as you will come to know, we always like to be friendly and helpful whenever possible, but since we’d either be teaching or doing our own projects during some of those times, then it may not be as available as you anticipate).

9. We will offer you limited space until you have enough work to fill a kiln. (then you do your glazing and clear your space. For the next production, or new member.)

10. Bring your own towel/apron.


There should be enough space to practice during the following times in our kiln room. Or in the main teaching space between classes. These are our typical working hours but will ultimately be dependent on the class schedule in the upcoming course.:

Monday 12pm to 10pm

Tuesday 12pm to 10pm

Wednesday 12pm to 10pm

Thursday 4pm to 10pm

Friday 1pm to 5pm

Saturday 11am to 2pm (If space allows. Students in the group classes will get priority)