Firing Services

Kiln firing Services for the Public

We provide firing services at Atelier Spirale. We have 8 computerized electric kilns of varying sizes. To book a kiln, you can contact the studio by email at or by phone at (514) 284-6630. We will coordinate a time for you to come and load your kiln. For all first time rentals a short $30 course to load the kiln properly will be required. A studio assistant will always be available if you have questions. You may also pay for time to glaze using the studio, either with your own glazes, or the studio glazes (made for cone 6) for additional fees (see below).

Pricing in the table below is based on a basic (fast or medium speed) electric firing schedule. For precise firing schedules (soaking or holding,including preheating to candle moisture from wet pieces) prices are subject to an increase on a case by case basis.

Kilns and Rates are as follows:

Kiln no.Model
Internal DimensionsCost up to ^06
Cost up to ^6Shelves Quantity
Model KM-714
1.5 cubic feet
H=13 in. D=14.5 in.
$45$556 round, 1 half round shelf
13 inches in diameter
2Blue Diamond
Model 180
2.8 cubic feet
H=22 in. D= 17 in.
$55$706 round, 1 half round shelf
15 inches in diameter
Model DK620.2C
2.8 cubic feet
H=22 in. D= 17 in.
$55$706 round, 1 half round shelf
15 inches in diameter
Model 9-17-22
3.3 cubic feet
H=27 in. D=17 in
$65$806 round, 1 half round shelf
15 inches in diameter
Model DK1020.01
5.8 cubic feet
H=20 in. D= 23 in.
$110$14019 half round
21 inches in diameter
Model DK1029.2C
7 cubic feet
H=27 in. D=23 in.
$135$1656 round shelves
21 inches in diameter
7Cone Art (round)
Model BX2827D
12.25 cubic feet
H=27 in. D=28in.
$185$27012 half round
13 in. x 26 in.
8Cone Art (oval)
Model BX4227
16.5 cubic feet
H=27 in. D=42x30 in.
$300$38012 half round
13 in. x 26 in.
6 rectangle
12 in. x 26 in

The kilns are controlled by a computer and follow the program you choose to fire with to reach your desired temperature.

We try our best to provide an excellent firing, considering the knowledge of your material. However, due to the nature of the ceramic process and material, with the added potential of equipment failure, we cannot guarantee a perfect firing 100% of the time. Therefore we do not assume responsibility for loss in such rare cases.

Payment will be due before the firing, once the loading is complete before leaving the studio.

You are required to load your own pieces into the kiln, but you don’t have to stay during the firing. You will be notified when firing is complete.

You must arrange with the studio for pickup, or glazing shortly after you’re notified that firing is complete.

Space and Time for Glazing
If you decide to glaze your pieces at our studio, you can book a timeslot to fit your schedule.

Although there is no charge for the time you spend at the studio to load the kiln, there is a charge of $20 dollars per hour to use the space to glaze your pieces. If you use our glazes there will be additional cost depending which glaze is used, and on how many pieces.

To avoid firing problems, and damage to our equipment

We recommend that you know the maturity temperature of your clay, and know what temperature your glaze is designed for.

You should make sure the pieces are completely dry before you bring them.

If you need to add a preheat to dry the pieces, because the pieces are not dry, there is an extra charge depending on which kiln is used. Hourly rates are negotiated for a firing length beyond what is typical in said kiln.

There is also an additional charge for soaking or holding the max temperature during the firing, and slow cooling programs.

If you’ve applied glazes to your pieces, avoid thick glaze application, or layering glazes which cause heavy running, to avoid damage to our kiln shelves.

The bottom 3 mm of your pieces must be wiped well, and left unglazed as not to stick to the shelf.

Should any damage occur, you will be responsible for the cost.